The Next Generation of
Liquidity and Sovereignty

Sunrise is a specialized Data Availability Layer for Proof of Liquidity.

Enhanced Liquidity for Everyone

Building with Sunrise enables the advantages & benefits of an aligned liquidity & security model by extending the Proof of Liquidity flywheel to the DA level. This bootstraps liquidity for rollups, while providing a comprehensive solution for modular blockchain development.

Monolithic blockchains can’t scale.


Monolithic chains are generalist blockchains that perform all tasks themselves. The monolithic approach is to “do everything yourself”.This approach is expensive, not customizable, and not scalable. It’s extremely slow to build and deploy modern applications directly on monolithic chains. It’s an outdated formula, ready for disruption.

The modular paradigm is already here.


A modular blockchain differs from a monolithic chain in that its four main functions can each be offloaded to a separate layer.Sunrise is an example of a blockchain that specializes in fulfilling the function of data availability (“DA”) and consensus, while offloading the responsibility of execution and settlement to individual networks.By using this structure, Modular Blockchains are more efficient, customizable, scalable, sovereign...

Proof of Liquidity


Sunrise provides a fast and secure data and consensus layer that gives you all you need to launch a sustainable modular blockchain.Sunrise brings further innovation to the modular paradigm by integrating a novel mechanism: Proof of Liquidity (PoL).PoL on Sunrise is Modular Liquidity, resolving the liquidity issue faced by pre-existing modular infrastructure. Extending & replicating Berachain Proof of Liquidity across the entire DA Layer creates an aligned liquidity & security model identical to Berachain’s PoL flywheel, systematically building liquidity for both Sunrise and its users.DA users on Sunrise can now directly engage in PoL on Sunrise to bootstrap liquidity and security for their rollup.

DA Fee Abstraction


Integrating PoL at the DA Layer also enables Fee Abstraction on Sunrise.While other DA layers charge fees in their native tokens, leading to a net-value extract to rollup developers, Sunrise instead can utilize any token.Sunrise resolves singular token dependency by allowing anyone to engage in PoL in exchange for blobspace. Users can LP to any pool of their choice, including stable pools, settlement layer tokens, and bridged tokens through our cross-chain integrations. This allows Sunrise and Sunrise’s users to become secured by liquidity from many various ecosystems.Together, these unique functions supercharge Data Availability for developers.

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Building blockchains doesn't have to be complicated. Develop intuitively with data availability for the modular future.


AltDA Fee Abstraction

LP to a pool of your choice, engaging in PoL in exchange for blobspace.


Proof of Liquidity

Bootstrap liquidity and benefit from aligned & enhanced security, using LP tokens of your choice, and the liquidity of many ecosystems to secure your rollup.



Build interoperable rollup.


Easy to use

No need to bootstrap your own validator set, deploy easily onto Sunrise and benefit from shared security + PoL flywheel.



Modular blockchains scale automatically; developers on Sunrise have a worry-free infrastructure experience.

What you can build with Sunrise

Sunrise is the comprehensive solution to problems faced in modern blockchain development.


Optimium / Validium

A type of zero-knowledge rollup that posts its data off-chain rather than to its parent chain. The off-chain environment where data is posted is a separate chain, such as Sunrise. These rollups save up to 90% of gas fees when compared to rollups that post data directly to Ethereum and they can engage in PoL to use Sunrise DA Layer.


Sovereign Rollups

A sovereign rollup is a type of blockchain that publishes its transactions to another blockchain, typically for ordering and data availability, but handles its own settlement.
Sovereign rollups are responsible for execution and settlement, while the DA layer handles consensus and data availability.


Sovereign Proof of Liquidity

Sunrise supports minting LP shares from its various liqudity pools. The LST of the LP share of the Sovereign Rollup’s native tokens and the Sunrise token can be staked to the Sovereign Rollup for governance and reward distribution.

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Testnet is live